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Ladies and Gentlemen, The Lamest Campaign Idea of 2007

I know I should take this in the spirit of Halloween, and chuckle with mirth upon hearing the wacky fun proposed by those crazy kids on the Dodd campaign, but… I just can’t. And instead, I’m looking for some way to un-read the epic-level lameness they have offered (hat tip, Influence Peddler).

Chris Dodd did lay out step-by-step instructions today for kids to dress up like him in hopes of bagging lots of candy:

  • Use coloring to turn your white (representing the Democratic presidential candidate’s 26 years on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee).
  • Carry a copy of the Constitution (demonstrating Dodd’s vow to restore what he calls the Bush administrations assaults on civil liberties).
  • Wield a folder of Dodd’s campaign proposals (showing his “bold ideas” for a corporate carbon tax, free community college, and a comprehensive national service plan)

“Every year, parents and their children struggle to find that perfect Halloween costume,” Dodd spokesman Bryan DeAngelis said in a statement. “We wanted to do our part to help by providing them with the option of going as the one candidate who has the proven leadership, record of results, and bold ideas that we need in our next president — Chris Dodd.”

Somehow I suspect trick-or-treating in this costume would go something like this:
Suburban Resident Answering Door: Who are you supposed to be?
Child: I’m Senator Chris Dodd!
(long pause)
Suburban Eesident Answering Door: Who?
Child: Look, this is my white hair, representing my 26 years on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee! And this is my copy of the Constitution, demonstrating my vow to restore what I call the Bush administrations assaults on civil liberties! And this is my folder of my campaign proposals, showing my “bold ideas” for a corporate carbon tax, free community college, and a comprehensive national service plan!
(long pause)
Suburban Resident Answering Door: I’m calling Child Protective Services.

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