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A Last Note on Hillary and the Snipers in Bosnia

Hillary ought to never mention the “sniper fire in Bosnia” story again.

McClatchy Watch digs up the photos of her at Tuzla Air Base. It’s not clear that she’s on the airport runway, but she does appear to be outdoors. The AP caption: “First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton is greeted upon her arrival at the Tuzla Air Base by an American officer Monday March 25, 1996. Mrs Clinton is on a one day visit to the US troops stationed in Bosnia. (AP Photo/Sasa Kralj).”
And Mangled Cat served at Tuzla Air Base, and offers photos: “At the time it was the most fortified compound in the country.”
Finally, a disturbing number of readers suggest that I should note that Sinbad knows what he’s talking about when it comes to assessing presidential security, as he played a Secret Service agent in the movie, “First Kid.”
They’re kidding. I think. 


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