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Let’s Give the Bad Charlie Wilson a Bad Day

When you hear the name “Charlie Wilson,” you probably think of Tom Hanks drinking, carousing, and trying to fund the Afghans between hangovers.

But there’s another Charlie Wilson in Congress, a two-term Democratic incumbent who we wish had the charm and tough-on-communism instincts of the legendary Texas lawmaker. No, this Charlie Wilson, representing a district that runs along Ohio’s southeastern border, has a lifetime ACU rating of 12.67 and voted for the stimulus, card check, and Obamacare. And he’s done this in an R+2 district, no less.

This can be fixed. Bill Johnson is a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel and successful entrepreneur who has founded two companies.

He’s been endorsed by all the right folks — National Right to Life PAC, SarahPAC, and the now-infamous U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Help him out. And together, we can keep the name Charlie Wilson associated with proud, hard-drinking communist-haters.

UPDATE: Well, it turned out to be quite the bad day for Wilson. Read this.


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