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Let’s Not Overanalyze Mike Pence’s Winter Schedule . . .

It is a strange world when a man failing to schedule events in Iowa or New Hampshire in January and February 2011 is interpreted as a certain sign someone won’t run for president in 2012.

But that, in fact, appears to be the world we’re living in:

Howey Politics Indiana got a peek at the Indiana Congressman’s schedule and says it never got started.  Mike Pence has filled his schedule for the next several weeks with appearances throughout Indiana, not Iowa or New Hampshire, meaning that either Pence has decided that Indiana’s late primary will be the key to a presidential nomination, or he’s running for Governor:

U.S. Rep. Mike Pence is scheduling Republican Lincoln Days Dinner all over Indiana, Howey Politics Indiana has learned. It is the best clue yet that he is preparing to launch a 2012 Indiana gubernatorial campaign, as opposed to seeking the presidency. ”He is scheduling larger counties,” a Republican source told HPI on Monday. “If he is running for President, it would be an interesting and novel strategy. We could call it the Win Indiana Strategy!” If Pence were to launch a presidential campaign, he would be more likely to spend this winter and spring in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina — the key early primary and caucus states.

I have a tough time believing that failing to visit the big early states before, say, summer somehow dooms the chances of a candidate’s winning that primary. And note that Pence was in South Carolina, helping out Joe Wilson, around the middle of last year.


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