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Let’s Try Not to Invite Kindergarten Comparisons, People

It appears that we’re seeing huge turnout — and sometimes misplaced anger — even at meetings where the congressmen aren’t scheduled to appear:

Only a small handful of constituents typically show up to talk to the staff of U.S. Rep. Ron Klein on the first Wednesday of every month. But Wednesday morning’s routine office hours were turned into a raucous town hall meeting when about 100 protesters packed a Lighthouse Point public library demanding that Klein back off proposed healthcare reforms.

Like other recent town hall meetings across the country that have become Internet sensations for resembling angry mobs more than citizens engaged in thoughtful public discourse, the group was rowdy at times.

“Where the hell is Klein?” demanded Republican activist Ana Gomez-Mallada. “He’s a coward!” yelled somebody else, even though the congressman was never scheduled to attend.

“I thought they were acting like kindergartners the way they kept interrupting each other,” said Lighthouse Point resident Kristen Bradley, who left in disgust.

Klein says his office is scheduling a “tele-town hall meeting” by phone so that he can reach more people.

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