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The Liberal Mind Cannot Grasp the Nuances of Sarcasm

Burt Stead called himself a “right wing terrorist” during a town hall meeting with Rep. Wally Herger, R-Calif. How serious was he? You can watch for yourself, but note the context:

“I have been known to say things that are fishy. I’ve even been known to attend Redding Tea Party dot com protests. And I want to say that I’m a proud right wing terrorist. (applause) I didn’t come prepared with a lot of notes tonight; I left them, actually, at home while I was looking for my birth certificate.”

Stead elaborated to NRO today: “What I did was to poke fun at the Obama administration, citing “I have been known to say some “fishy” things (big brother is watching us), and even been known to attend the dreaded Bostonian Tea Party Meetings and protests, and… I guess I would have to say ‘I am a Proud Right Wing Terrorist.’ I meant to say extremist, not terrorist. That point is moot however, since the current administration has called people like me terrorists, mobsters (the mob) and insulted me and all other vets by stating that we are prime candidates for recruitment into terrorist organizations! Let me see here, the administration can call me a terrorist, but I cannot make a slip of the tongue (because I was poking fun?) without it becoming national news fodder? Something is wrong with this picture!”

Keith Olbermann, Raw Story and others insist that Rep. Herger has said “Amen” and “there’s a great American” to a “self-described right-wing terrorist.” Note that Olbermann doesn’t use the available video of the event, because the sarcasm would be clear.

Olbermann says “this is not language to bandy about” when people are showing up to meetings with firearms.

Of course, this is the same Keith Olbermann who has declared, “the leading terrorist group in this country right now is the Republican Party.”


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