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Liberating Some Advertising Dollars from Brian Moran’s Campaign

I understand ads for Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Brian Moran are appearing on this site, at least for Virginia readers. From my location, it even shows up if you look at this post in the archives, which mocks the Washington Post for declaring that he lives “quite literally” in his brother’s shadow.

I figure this is probably some sort of package deal on political blogs, and it’s a free country; Moran can advertise whereever he likes, so long as the check clears. Still, it’s a little amusing to see him advertising on NRO, considering that he hit rival Democrat Terry McAuliffe for accepting fundraising help from Republican strategist Ed Rogers.

UPDATE: Jerome Armstrong, who’s doing web outreach for Moran, says, “It’s Google ads, we are running them geo-targeted throughout the state. VA is an open primary state. Most likely NRO’s ad broker has a deal with Google for remnant advertising.”


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