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Live from the RNC Meeting . . .

Mitch McConnell is addressing the RNC meeting.

“I never turn down an invitation from our chairman, Mike Duncan. It’s the only chance I get in Washington to call a Republican, ‘Mr. Chairman.’”

That could have used a rimshot.

His remarks quickly turn more sober: “In politics, there is a term for a regional party: a minority. I didn’t sign up to be a member of a regional party, and I know you didn’t either.”

UPDATE: “President Obama got more credit for saying he wanted to close Guantanamo than President Bush got for catching the guys who live there.”

“But blaming the press is not going to be a solution; it is a bit like blaming the referee after you lost the ball game.”

A couple of thoughts on that–first, while I see McConnell’s point, I would avoid saying that “Bush” caught them; a lot of good men and women around the world had a hand in that. On the second point, some close, hard-fought ball games are decided on botched calls by referees.

McConnell cites the life story, and shocking surprise victory, of Joseph Cao, a Republican from New Orleans, who defeated incumbent William Jefferson for a House seat. He points out that when asked why he became a Republican, Cao answered, “Because somebody asked me to.”

“Be daring in looking for good candidates, and be relentless in recruiting them,” McConnell urges the assembled RNC members.


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