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Looking at Huckabee, Evangelicals, Iowa and South Carolina

Jen Rubin notes how Mike Huckabee can’t seem to get non-evangelicals to vote for him.

And I don’t want to brag, but I want to point you to something I wrote before Iowa:

This is not to say Huckabee cannot do well among South Carolina evangelicals; in the numbers of Rasmussen’s latest poll, the former Arkansas governor leads the evangelical vote with 42-percent, with Thompson and Romney way behind at 14 and 12 percent, respectively. But it is worth remembering that there is no cookie-cutter model for an evangelical Republican primary voter or caucusgoer, and that what flourishes in an Iowa cornfield won’t necessarily grow in the swamps of the South Carolina Low Country.

And then on primary night, we learned

Nearly 60 percent of the voters in South Carolina identified themselves in exit polls as evangelical Christians, a group that was heavily courted by Mr. Huckabee, a former Arkansas governor and Baptist preacher. While Mr. Huckabee captured 4 in 10 of their votes, Mr. McCain also made inroads with the group, capturing more than a quarter of their vote.


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