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Loretta Limp

From today’s Jolt:

Shameless Sanchez

Embattled incumbent Democrat Loretta Sanchez, never the sharpest knife in the drawer, reacts on Spanish-language television to a poll surge by her rival, Vietnamese-American Van Tran: “The Vietnamese and the Republicans are, with an intensity, trying to take away this seat.”

I suppose she’ll call in Rambo.

Larry O’Connor summarizes, “Rep. Sanchez’ opponent is Van Tran, an impressive and inspiring figure who is living the American dream.  He is a role-model to his community and he represents the values and economic philosophies of the Republican party as well as anyone.  And, he is on the verge of defeating Sanchez. This video could provide Mr. Tran with his ‘Scott Brown Moment.’  Let’s hope he has an opportunity to remind Ms. Sanchez that California’s 47th Congressional District is not Sanchez’ seat and not the Democrat’s seat and not the Latino’s seat. It’s the people’s seat.”


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