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Lots of People ‘Rarely Drive’; It’s a Question of Getting Around

A reader calls my attention to this story, wondering if it’s “another Daschle”:

Rep. Zack Space, D-Dover, has been caught driving with an expired license, the Washington County sheriff’s office said.

Space was charged early Saturday in a traffic stop near Belpre, about 100 miles southeast of Columbus, the sheriff’s office said.

Chief Deputy Larry Stephens said the 48-year-old also was warned for driving 65 mph in a 50 mph zone. Stephens said that Space said he rarely drives and didn’t realize the license had expired in January.

Space spokesman Matt Thornton said yesterday that the congressman plans to renew his license Saturday when he returns to Ohio, where he faces a $140 fine.

It all depends on how Congressman Space usually gets around if, as the story says, he rarely drives. If his staff usually drives, there’s not much “there” there. If a driver is provided by someone else, then it might be an issue — both whether the driver is reported as income and/or whether it would be an in-kind contribution to Space.


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