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Low Turnout in FL-19; Democrat Leads Early and Absentee Ballots

Sounds like really low turnout in Florida’s special election for the House. From a reader:

I just returned from voting for Ed Lynch in Broward County, and I was the only one there during the whole time I voted.  Only a total of 60 persons had voted before me on the one scanning machine that was operational.  Also, driving to the polling location I passed two other precincts, and Lynch supporters were out waving signs and flags, but no Deutch supporters to be found.  Keeping my fingers crossed . . .

Having said that, one of my regulars checks in with this bit of news:

With no precincts reporting and about 6200 early and absentee ballots tabulated (out of a total of around 9,000 if memory serves) Ted Deutch is running slightly ahead of Obama and Kerry with 68% of the vote.  Well, we always knew this was going to be an uphill battle.  We’ll have to see how the “on the day” votes run, since more of them will be post-Obamacare. 

UPDATES: Two more bits from the two counties that make up the district. Palm Beach County just posted its early voting numbers: Deutch has 68.5 percent of those votes to 29.5 percent for Lynch.

Early and absentee ballots from Broward County show Democrat Ted Deutch with 56.2 percent of the vote and Republican Ed Lynch with 40.3 percent in the special congressional election to replace Robert Wexler. No-party candidate Jim McCormick has 3.

If the final results look more like Palm Beach County’s early vote, then Democrats can breathe a bit easier, sensing that some House districts will be largely immune from any national GOP wave. If the results look more like Broward County’s early and absentee results, then while Ted Deutch can enjoy his new position, other Democrats could be facing an environment where many of them are running 10 percentage points behind their traditional levels of support.


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