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Low Turnout? In Non-Binding Contests? Inconceivable!

So, how are Missouri Republicans greeting their chance to participate in a sort-of-hotly-contested primary that will determine exactly no delegates today? Turnout is “very low, much lower than expected.”

The Missouri presidential primary winner won’t receive any delegates, and that’s resulting in low voter turnout.

In most precincts in southeast Missouri, the presidential primary is the only vote on the ballot, leaving many voters at home.

“It’s disappointing,” said Cape Girardeau County Clerk Kara Clark Summers. “We put a lot of time into the election, and not to mention a lot of money.  We’d really like to see voters turn out because it’s a good indicator of who could win the caucuses next month.”

Polls are open until 7 p.m. local time.

Perhaps Colorado turnout will be higher . . . oh, wait:

Residents of Denver and a wide swath of nearby cities and towns awoke to find another several inches of snow, frigid temperatures and hazardous driving conditions on Tuesday, worrying local Republican leaders who fear the weather may dampen voter turnout at tonight’s Colorado caucuses.


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