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Lowering the Bar for Good News

Quinnipiac: “New York Gov. David Paterson’s approval rating, in free fall for a year, may have bottomed out with voters disapproving 61 – 28 percent of the job he’s doing, according to a University poll released today.”

Polling in New York reveals the same as in the recent past: If Rudy Giuliani runs for governor, he beats Paterson; if New York attorney general Andrew Cuomo runs, he beats Giuliani.

But there’s some interesting Cuomo news. I’m not going to give this item the full “culture of corruption” treatment; think of it more as “culture of complication”:

EnTrust Capital Inc., a hedge fund firm that’s handled New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s personal and campaign money, received state pension funds to invest from a company he has identified as paying possible illegal kickbacks.
The investment presents a potential conflict of interest for Cuomo, legal ethics experts said. Cuomo spokesman Richard Bamberger declined to respond to detailed e-mails about whether EnTrust has been or is under investigation by Cuomo, a Democrat. Given his relationship with EnTrust, Cuomo shouldn’t decide whether EnTrust should be a target of any probe, the experts said.


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