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Man, Did Battleground Texas Fail This Year.

Battleground Texas — the well-funded effort by liberal organizations to duplicate their previously (briefly) successful efforts in Colorado and turn the state of Texas into a competitive or Democrat-leaning state — will probably never go away entirely.

But after last night, liberal donors may start to ask what the heck they’ve gotten for all their efforts. Not only did every Republican win every statewide race last night; at this hour, no Democrat hit 39 percent in any statewide race. The political world is laughing at Wendy Davis’s 38.88 percent this morning, but that was the best performance of any Democrat running statewide. Yes, the Democrats’ candidate for Senate, David M. Alameel, was always a longshot, but he’s at 34.3 percent. Jon Cornyn’s opponent back in 2008, Rick Noriega, won 42.8 percent.

The Democrats ran a man named Sam Houston for state attorney general and he’s at 37.98 percent.

In 2010, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill White won 2.1 million votes against Rick Perry.

This year Davis won 1.8 million votes.

Game Over.