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Many Signs Pointing to Biden (UPDATE: Biden Confirmed.)

CNN sees activity at Biden’s house.

A plane flew from Midway in Chicago to New Castle, Delaware this evening, landing at 7:33 p.m. eastern.
The Weekly Standard says it’s Biden. Other networks are saying it’s not Bayh or Kaine.
If accurate, this is interesting. I can’t recall a running mate who immediately before being selected told reporters, “I’m not the guy.” Unless Team Obama told him he was out, and then changed their mind, Biden began his role as Obama’s running mate by lying to the press. I realize he’s in a tough spot, probably sworn to secrecy, but most figures in his position in the past have offered evasive or coy responses– “You’ll have to wait for the text message,” “I’ve got nothing new to tell you,” or “you know, I hear Tim Kaine’s lawn is a lot nicer.” Instead, Biden said he wasn’t the choice. (He later adjusted his response to a more appropriately evasive, “I haven’t talked to anyone.”)
I wonder if any other journalists feel like Biden crossed the line by giving a flat denial when he presumably knew he was still under consideration.
UPDATE: The Secret Service doesn’t deploy to protect just anybody. Consider this confirmation that it’s Biden.
Keep these 23 statements handy. And relish these YouTubes of some of Biden’s greatest hits.


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