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Mason-Dixon: ‘The Math Isn’t There’ for Anything But a Rubio Victory

This is beautiful poll analysis.

The poll — which comes on the heels of revelations that former President Bill Clinton last week reportedly urged DemocratKendrick Meek to get out of the race — shows the Republican Rubio leading the field with 45 percent, followed by Gov. Charlie Crist at 28 percent and Meek at 21 percent. Only 6 percent of voters in the Mason-Dixon Polling & Research Inc. poll said they were undecided.

“There is simply no mathematical formula by which Crist or Meek can approach Rubio’s 45 percent support level,” said Mason-Dixon managing director Brad Coker.

Even if Meek were to bow out now, Coker said, the math isn’t there. Early votes have already been cast and Meek’s name would remain on the ballot.

“It was a pipe dream to begin with and if they were doing it, it should have been done a month ago,” Coker said. “In three days how do you convince every Democrat who was going to vote for Meek that Crist is the guy?”

And just think how this race looked back in September 2009 . . .

Yes, he can, and he is right on the verge.


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