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Maybe He Can Explain Why Every Redesign Makes It Worse

This year, California Democrats might nominate a state attorney-general candidate, Chris Kelly, whose old job was . . . ensuring the privacy of Facebook users.

On Thursday, Mr. Kelly wrote a letter to liberal advocacy group that said Facebook’s changes didn’t go far enough. He took Facebook to task over its “plans to offer only an opt-out to ‘instant personalization’ — meaning that users’ information will be shared with third parties without clear consent.” He also urged MoveOn members to join the Facebook group “Facebook: Respect my privacy” and to change their Facebook status to call for more privacy on the social-networking site.

A spokeswoman for Mr. Kelly told the Journal’s John Letzing in May that Facebook’s privacy problems really began only after Mr. Kelly started his leave of absence last year. During Mr. Kelly’s career at Facebook, he dealt with issues such as complaints about nudity and harassment on the site and changes to Facebook’s privacy tools as the site grew rapidly.

You could say his rival is poking him over this.


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