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Maybe My Skepticism of Bloomberg is a Sign I Overdosed on Transfats

All over the media and blogs, you’re seeing the argument that an independent bid by Michael Bloomberg hurts the Republican candidate more than the Democratic one.
Like many, Craig Crawford relies on polling data in states outside the northeast, asking people who have barely heard of Mike Bloomberg whether they would run for president. After both parties set out to define him – banner of trans-fats, anti-gun, nanny-state Nurse Bloomberg, etc. – he won’t have the same appeal. (This is the same poll that has Bloomberg getting 11 percent in Alabama. In fact, in a Hillary-Romney-Bloomberg matchup, SurveyUSA has Hillary winning Alabama. Raise your hands if you think this is plausible.)
Beyond that, let’s take a look at Team Bloomberg, as assessed by the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza.

* Patti Harris: Harris is a first among equals in Bloomberg’s world, a status reflected in her title: first deputy mayor. She has long been at Bloomberg’s side, playing a major role in the communications and charitable departments of his media empire. Like many of those close to Bloomberg, Harris has Democratic ties — she once worked for former New York City Mayor Ed Koch…
* Bill Knapp: Knapp, a partner in a leading Democratic media consulting firm, was the lead ad maker for Bloomberg in each of his mayoral races. He’s also done work for the past two Democratic presidential nominees: He was part of the general election team for Sen. John Kerry (Mass.) in 2004 and was involved in the primary and general election campaign for Al Gore in 2000.
* Doug Schoen: Schoen is a longtime Democratic pollster and was, until recently, a partner with Mark Penn — the pollster of choice for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.). Schoen was the lead number cruncher in Bloomberg’s 2001 mayoral victory.

Again, we’re expected to believe that a liberal candidate from one of the most liberal political cultures in the nation, surrounded by a campaign staff of Democrats, is going to peel off Republican voters. Riiiiight.


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