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Maybe Norfolk Voters Hated Him as John Wraith in Wolverine

If you asked me today to predict the winner of the Virginia Democratic gubernatorial primary, I’d probably pick Terry McAuliffe, partially based on his modest lead in some polls and the anecdote of his volunteers working the polls in Alexandria last week with no sign of Brian Moran’s folks. (Moran was a state legislator representing Alexandria.)

But there are times I can be talked out of that prediction, like when I read sentences like this one:

Terry McAuliffe’s gubernatorial campaign got an injection of star power today with the appearance of,* the lead singer of the pop/hip-hip group Black Eyed Peas, at a Norfolk community center . . . Exactly what types of gigs and producing will does might have been lost on some, though not all, of the 30 or so people assembled in a room at the Norview Community Center.

30 people? Boy, not a lot of Black Eyed Peas fans available in the middle of a Monday in Norfolk, apparently.

* practices that e.e. cummings/bell hooks–style defiance of capitalization

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