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Maybe the Other Three Basketball Players Could Be His Three Democratic Opponents

It’s March Madness time, as the nation experiences three days of poor productivity while those who have followed the college basketball season more closely than I have pore over their NCAA Tournament brackets, hoping to win the office pool or just plain bragging rights.

John McCain is among those offering a chance to match your picks up against his, through his CountryFirst PAC.

But Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell is offering a unique prize for going over to his campaign site and offering your picks — the one who picks the most games correctly gets either dinner with the candidate at the restaurant of their choice or a chance to play 3-on-3 with the candidate and his two sons. There’s a short video to check out their game.

Unfortunately, winners must be residents of Virginia. And no, I would make a terrible pick for any three-on-three team.


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