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Maybe They Meant They’re Not in Bed Together

I’m sure we’ll be told there’s absolutely no reason to worry or feel concern upon hearing that local Democratic parties are sharing offices with ACORN*:

ACORN workers in King County were convicted of committing voter fraud in 2006. Similar accusations were made during last year’s presidential election, when ACORN volunteers registered an estimated 1.3 million voters. Eleven ACORN employees in Miami were arrested last week and charged with voter registration fraud.
No such accusations have been made against the local ACORN office, which has been in Snohomish County since 2007, where they share an office with the county’s Democratic Party and the Snohomish County Labor Council.

But remember, ACORN is a non-partisan organization.

UPDATE: I’m sure it’s completely coincidental that Rep. Rick Larsen, whose district includes a large part of Sonohomish County, voted to keep federal tax dollars to ACORN despite their offers of assistance to underage prostitution rings.

ANOTHER UPDATE: The linked article was apparently in error; apparently the two groups share office space in the same building but not office space itself. Then again, according to McClatchy Watch, it’s not that big a building.


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