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Maybe They Thought Political Flyers Would Stop Arriving In November

There’s an update to Friday’s post, which featured a GOPAC flyer sent to RNC members that that prominently features Michael Steele, current chairman of that group and candidate to chair the Republican National Committee.
An RNC member who has endorsed Katon Dawson responded to Steele, objecting to the flyer*.
In an e-mail to GOPAC, the RNC member called it  “highly inappropriate to send out flyers from GOPAC in support of Michael Steele to members of the RNC who will be voting on their new Chairman. GOPAC’s mission is not to help select the RNC folks as they are to be separate bodies.  Your role is to help candidates get elected in state and local races.  If there is money to send out these flyers, why was it not spent on races in states where it could have made a tremendous difference and where we also lost seats and could have used this financial help.”

*This post originally said the response was sent to GOPAC when it was in fact sent to Steele himself.


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