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The McAuliffe Campaign: Oodles of Money, Lousy Spelling

This e-mail from Terry McAuliffe reinforces two points about his campaign for governor. First, he will have an inordinate amount of money for his campaign this year — probably somewhere between $10 million and ∞ –  and he’ll probably be hitting the airwaves soon.

Second, his staff cannot spell, announcing “how we faired” instead of “how we fared”.

From: Andrew Smith <>

Date: April 13, 2013, 11:57:04 AM EDT


Subject: How we faired


Seton — I have some big news to share.Yesterday, we submitted our first financial report of 2013, and it contained a big number: $5.1 million raised in January, February, and March. That’s the most money any gubernatorial candidate has raised in the first quarter, in at least the last five elections.And while I’m proud of that top line figure, it’s what’s behind it that has me beaming from ear to ear. Here’s exactly how we got to $5.1 million:

  • Over 5,100 people pitched in and gave what they could

  • In a true display of grassroots support, 73 percent of our donations were $100 or less

  • About 3 in 4 donations came from the Commonwealth

There’s no denying it: our grassroots momentum is growing. After all, this isn’t Terry’s campaign — all of us own a piece of it.

Everyone owns a piece of it, hm? Careful. Some of McAuliffe’s investments don’t turn out so well.


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