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McCain Camp No Longer Aiming at Michigan

Early indication from a reliable source in the state is that this story – stating that McCain is moving his resources out of Michigan — is true.

From where I sit, that leaves three other blue states on McCain’s list – New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.
Recent polling in Michigan had not looked good for McCain.
UPDATE: From a reader: 

McCain is making a mistake.  He could win here if he did it right. We have 8.9% unemployment, an unpopular governor, and a tax hike that went into effect a year ago yesterday. Michigan is a disaster; people a fleeeing here.  No tv ads on any of this. Nothing. Obama wants to do what Granholm did, which is to raise taxes in a recession.  Nothing from mccain. Nothing. Bush was competitive here twice. If McCain isn’t, then that has me worried.


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