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McCain: ‘I Owe Her Everything… Stand Up For America.’

I suspect John McCain’s repeated reference to his country with a feminine pronoun, as in, “I owe her everything,” is something that either stirs a sense of kinship or rubs someone the wrong way. I’m in the former.

McCain’s speechwriters, already some of the most talented on the national stage, brought out another work full of shining phrases: “We are captains of our own fate… in America we don’t hide from history, we make history. Stand up with me, my friends. Stand up for America, for her strength, her ideals, for her future. The contest begins tonight.”
UPDATE: Some highlights from the prepared text, below the fold:

I did not grow up with the expectation that my country owed me more than the rights owed every American. On the contrary, I owe my country every opportunity I have ever had. I owe her the meaning that service to America has given my life, and the sense that I am part of something greater than myself, part of a kinship of ideals that have always represented the last, best hope of mankind…
I will leave it to my opponent to argue that we should abrogate trade treaties, and pretend the global economy will go away and Americans can secure our future by trading and investing only among ourselves. We will campaign in favor of seizing the opportunities presented by the growth of free markets throughout the world, helping displaced workers acquire new and lasting employment and educating our children to prepare them for the new economic realities by giving parents choices about their children’s education they do not have now.
I will leave it to my opponent to claim that they can keep companies and jobs from going overseas by making it harder for them to do business here at home. We will campaign to strengthen job growth in America by helping businesses become more competitive with lower taxes and less regulation…
Nothing is inevitable in America. We are the captains of our fate. We’re not a country that prefers nostalgia to optimism; a country that would rather go back than forward. We’re the world’s leader, and leaders don’t pine for the past and dread the future. We make the future better than the past. We don’t hide from history. We make history. That, my friends, is the essence of hope in America, hope built on courage, and faith in the values and principles that have made us great. I intend to make my stand on those principles and chart a course for our future greatness, and trust in the judgment of the people I have served all my life. So stand up with me, my friends, stand up and fight for America — for her strength, her ideals, and her future. The contest begins tonight. It will have its ups and downs. But we will fight every minute of every day to make certain we have a government that is as capable, wise, brave and decent as the great people we serve. That is our responsibility and I will not let you down.

You know, Obama gets all the hype, but McCain’s rhetoric soars every now and then, too. 


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