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McCain, Pressed on His Vote on Tax Cuts By a Familiar Face

Middle Cheese also found great amusement in the way John McCain responded to a question from a familiar face in these parts:

LOWRY: If you don’t mind, I want to ask you a domestic policy question, a straight talk question, if you will. In retrospect, was it a mistake for you to vote against the Bush tax cuts?
MCCAIN: No, because I had significant tax cuts, and there was restraint of spending included in my proposal. I saw no restraint in spending. We presided over the greatest increase in the size of government since the Great Society. Spending went completely out of control. It’s still out of control. Wasteful earmark spending is a disgrace, and it caused us to alienate our Republican base.”

In the longer video version, McCain was asked again by Rich whether he would vote against the Bush tax cuts again, and McCain says that the deficit and spending are still a concern. Asked yet again, McCain says no, he wouldn’t vote differently knowing what he does today.
I don’t think that was a good move by McCain. But then again, I’m not exactly objective when it comes to the questioner.

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