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McCain Is Running a Very Wise Ad Tonight

So I called up one of my McCain guys, asking about the McCain’s-message-to-Obama ad they were touting this morning.

I urged, “Please tell me it features John McCain staring at the camera, holding a piece of paper, saying “Senator Obama, Stanley Kurtz found this document saying that when Bill Ayers hired you to run the Annenburg Challenge, you told him his bombing campaign in the 1960s was, quote, ‘totally awesome… I wish I could have been there.’ Senator Obama, why would you say such a thing?”
He laughed and sighed. “The Jim Geraghtys of the world are probably going to be disappointed… We’re not going to drop a bunch of opposition research in this ad.”
In fact, very much the opposite, a message of congratulations from McCain to Obama. I cannot remember anything like it.
Besides being a noble and high-minded gesture, this is good politics; any attacks on McCain tonight, be it from Gore or Obama, will look very small, more politics as usual.


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