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McCain Is In For The YouTube Debate, Despite Snowman Concerns

Something about the snowman really irked some of the Republican candidates.


 “I only saw some excerpts. I just don’t think that questions from snowmen are appropriate in presidential campaigns,” McCain said, referring to a YouTube video in which a snowman asked the candidates about their views on global warming.

(Having said that, I’ve just been told by McCain’s people he’s up for it.)

“I think the presidency ought to be held at a higher level than having to answer questions from a snowman,” he said in an interview yesterday.

Team Rudy:

“We have scheduling issues,” said Giuliani adviser Anthony Carbonetti, who added that discussions on dates are continuing.

Patrick Ruffini is pro-YouTube debate, Hugh Hewitt is strongly opposed.
I think if the GOP candidates don’t do it, their refusal will feed into a “they’re scared of questions from ordinary people” narrative that the Democrats will deploy morning, noon, and night.
And if somebody asks a really stupid question, isn’t it fair for a candidate to respond, “you know, that’s a stupid question”?
UPDATE: Ruffini wants to SaveTheDebate.

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