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McCain’s Live Press Conference on Russia-Georgia Conflict

McCain is doing a live press conference on the Russia/Georgia conflict.

“It is clear that Russian military is continuing combat operations, despite the agreement, in areas far from South Ossetia.” (paraphrased)
I didn’t think that Obama had to do much during his week’s vacation – everyone deserves a break – but this week is starting to really turn into a week where you don’t want to be seen golfing. He would be wise to do his own press conference, ASAP.
McCain must have read Larry Kudlow, because he’s talking about the importance of the oil pipelines currently shut down. He praises the five Eastern European presidents traveling to Tbilisi.
McCain’s wingmen, Lindsey Graham and Joe Lieberman, are going to Georgia as soon as possible.
(Cross Lieberman off the veep list, elevate him to the top of the Secretary of State list.)
UPDATE: Asked about Obama adviser Susan Rice calling him ‘aggressive’ and ‘belligerent’: “This isn’t a time for partisanship and sniping. Hundreds, if not thousands of innocent people whose lives are being taken and who are being driven from their homes.”
Mentions Reagan’s strong advocacy for democracy and freedom.


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