The Campaign Spot

McDonnell’s Flowers Bloom

I just returned from a short campaign event with Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell at an Arlington flower shop. I would have gotten back quicker, but the outgoing Democratic governor of Virginia, Tim Kaine, never did much to deal with northern Virginia’s transportation problems.

A few interesting items from McDonnell at the event: His campaign made 59,000 calls to Virginians last night (it was not clear whether that was just the McDonnell campaign, or included the campaigns of Lieutenant Gov. Bill Bolling and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli as well). Mississippi governor Haley Barbour will be coming to Virginia for a campaign event next week, and he added that “Michael Steele has been terrific” in offering support from the RNC, but that ultimately the campaign came down to “the work we do” in the final ten days.

One attendee said she had recently spoken with Sheila Johnson, the Democratic billionaire who endorsed McDonnell and is featured in one of his campaign commercials, and predicted she will switch parties and become a Republican. McDonnell said only that the state of Virginia’s economy had made Johnson “take a fresh look at what’s important” and that he considered himself “fortunate” to have her support.


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