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Meanwhile, Up in Alaska…

The Mat-Su Valley (Alaska) Frontiersman, this morning:

In an election where huge issues loom — economy, global security, health care, education — Troopergate has become a no-see-um buzzing around our heads, not only as Alaskans, but as Americans. Should Palin be exonerated, the process will be labeled a Republican cover-up; if wrongdoing is found, the governor will be painted a victim of a Democratic hatchet job attempting to derail her candidacy.
If this Troopergate probe cannot give the people of Alaska what they deserve — an untainted explanation and conclusion — then somebody needs to just squash it.

The editorial notes that ”Sen. Hollis French, a Democrat who heads the Troopergate investigation, recently suggested the inquiry would provide an ‘October surprise’ for the McCain-Palin campaign.”
It’s worth noting that Hollis French not only endorsed Obama but is actively helping his campaign in his home state.
No conflict of interest there, huh?

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