The Campaign Spot

Meanwhile, in Delaware . . .

One of my Delaware guys passes along this word about that state’s House election:

There is still no big name to run against John Carney (D), the former Lt. Governor, but with Mike Castle’s ascendancy in this race, the GOP will likely field a strong candidate to lift down-ballot candidates. Most conservatives are happy that financial developer Tony Wedo declined a run, given that he had a carpet-bagger issue. Speculation continues on drafting former state Senator Charlie Copeland (R-Greenville) for the at-large congressional seat at the State Convention later this spring. Copeland gave up his safe senate seat and announced for Lt. Governor in 2008 just weeks before Joe Biden was selected as Obama’s veep, thus drowning all GOP candidates. Still, even in losing, Copeland outran the ticket, garnered exceptional reviews, and increased his name ID throughout the State. Copeland is young, telegenic, conservative, and smart.

Perhaps nothing recommends the sanity of Charlie Copeland as much as the fact that he doesn’t want the job.