The Campaign Spot

Michael Bennet’s Desperate, Populist Pipe Dreams

Is it just me, or does this ad for Michael Bennet, appointed senator from Colorado seeking a full term, reek of trying too hard?

For starters, his lead-off agenda item is freezing congressional pay “until we get our economy back on track.”  (Apparently that’s four consecutive quarters of job growth, which could be as soon as the end of the next quarter.) You have a better chance of getting the Family Research Council to give an award to Tiger Woods.

Then he wants to take away congressional health care until “they can stop insurance company abuses.” This actually makes the congressional pay freeze look realistic in comparison; on that idea, you have a better chance of getting Woods an award from FRC and NOW on the same day.

Then he wants to ban lawmakers from ever becoming lobbyists. Is that even constitutional? I understand the bans on lobbying for a certain number of years after they leave office; it’s designed to impede influence-peddling.

It’s not even enough for Bennet to offer the standard closing line; he has to emphasize, “I approved this message because I’m listening to Colorado.”

Translation: I know you’re angry, I’m terrified, and I’ll spout unrealistic expressions of your anger if that’s what it takes to keep this job!