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Michael Steele on O’Donnell: ‘I’ve got a good Republican running.’

As I noted on Twitter earlier today, RNC chairman Michael Steele was out on the road to Fairfax, Va., for a rally for GOP congressional candidate Keith Fimian.

Enjoy video of Michael Steele, sans forehead, discussing how the RNC will support Christine O’Donnell and whether he’ll nudge Mike Castle to endorse her. (This is what happens when you have a writer do his own camera work.)

Michael Steele: We’ve got a victory operation on the ground right now. That operation is being turned over to her team to work with the state party and work with the leadership to make sure that the two offices we’ve got, are fired up and ready to go — to not only help her but to keep that congressional seat, to keep Castle’s seat and to win the other offices that are on the ballot this fall. That’s number one. Number two, I’ve directed our finance department to contact their team to begin to talk about how we can help with fundraising. We know she’s gone through a tough primary, and spent a lot of money so now we needs to raise that. We’re asking people around the country, Republicans at large and far and wide to help us help her. This is an opportunity. My view of it is, I’ve got a good Republican running. The people in that state made that choice, and we support it, and we’re ready to rock and roll and win.

. . . NRO: Will you be doing anything to nudge Mike Castle to endorse her?

Steele: Look, I encourage it because I believe in a unified party. I understand the sting of losing. I understand the sting that comes with a loss like that. Mike Castle is a buddy, and I’ve been involved in some of his campaigns in the past, as a neighbor in Maryland. So yeah, that part of it hurts personally for me. But this is a time where we kind of husband that feeling and we go out there and we reocgnize that this battle is bigger than one election or one individual. This is about our country, this is about our state. This is a chance to take a message that I think the people will trust again. I don’t want that to get lost in the politics of who’s up, who’s down, who won and who lost. The primary is over. It is now time for every Republican in all of those contested primaries yesterday to rally around the nominees of our party for whatever office and to say that this now, is our moment to regain our footing and trust with the American people.


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