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Michelle Obama: Barack ‘Is Better Prepared Than the People Briefing Him.’

Michelle Obama, at a Democrat party fundraiser in California last night:

“He reads every word, every memo, so he is better prepared than the people briefing him,” she said. “This man doesn’t take a day off.”

1) It’s a good thing that the Central Intelligence Agency is full of classy, dignified, professional people; otherwise, tomorrow’s President’s Daily Brief might consist of, “well, since you’re so well prepared, figure it out yourself, smarty-pants. After all, we already know you have as much courage as the Navy SEALs.”

2) The man doesn’t take a day off. No, but he has found time for golf for eleven straight weekends.

Beyond that, the president never has to worry with the mundane details of life that make up large portions of the average American’s day – how am I going to pay the mortgage, what’s for dinner tonight, what time is soccer practice for the kids, how bad is traffic going to be, what if I’m suddenly laid off (Obama’s job security circumstance is a bit more binary and about 18 months away), are we going to be able to afford taking the kids on vacation this year, is my children’s school teaching them what they need to know, what do I do if the car needs repairs…

So at a time when unemployment is 9.1 percent and filling up your car with gas almost requires a black market organ donation, I think the First Lady can spare us the details on how hard he’s working.


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