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Michelle Obama: Obamacare, Gun Control Require a Democratic Senate

In the interest of fairness, Michelle Obama taped some remarks to help the National Republican Senatorial Committee yesterday.

Democratic Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes was among the female candidates who gathered with the first lady for a Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee fundraiser, where Obama spoke of the need to elect more Democratic senators to further the president’s agenda.

The first lady, talking about how narrowly “Obamacare” had passed and the slim margin by which gun control legislation was defeated, said that “it is critical that we elect Michelle Nunn, Alison Grimes, Natalie Tennant.”

“It is critical that we get them to the Senate,” she said. “And it is just as critical that we elect — re-elect — Senators Mary Kay Hagan, Mary Landrieu, Jeanne Shaheen. It is critical, because we all know that it’s not enough to elect Barack Obama president if we don’t give him a Congress that will help him keep moving this country forward. We know that now. We’ve seen it. We’ve experienced it.”

By emphasizing to voters in Kentucky, Georgia, and West Virginia that a vote for the Democratic candidate is a vote for Obamacare and gun control, Michelle Obama has greatly assisted GOP efforts to retain and/or win those seats. Thank you, Michelle Obama, for your efforts above and beyond the call of duty to assist GOP efforts to retake control of the Senate.


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