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In the Middle of the Bore-Fest, a Moment of Real Emotion?

Biden seems almost a little choked up as he says his New Year’s resolution is to remember where he came from, how rapidly things can change and what things were like when they were really bad. We can’t be certain, but he seems to have to be referring to losing his first wife and daughter in a car accident many years ago. It’s an oddly philosophical moment in the middle of a wonky debate.
I’m reminded of Bob Dole’s sense of humor, and how it seemed to be shaped by a man who had seen life at it’s most painful and darkest, and how once you’ve been there, very little of day-to-day life seems to be worth worrying about.
He’s a loudmouth, a gaffe machine, an egomaniac, and all kinds of other flaws, but there’s something decent at the core of Joe Biden.

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