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Middle Cheese: Everybody’s Ending the Campaign in Blue States

Middle Cheese’s Friday update, after checking in with the Romney Big Cheeses:

Romney makes his closing arguments today at events in Wisconsin and Ohio.

His main messages:

1) Obama has been a disappointment because he has failed to fulfill his promises;

2) Obama is incapable of reaching across party lines to solve America’s problems—and that a Romney Administration will forge bipartisan solutions; and

3) America is only five days away from making a fresh start and real change.

Obama is in big trouble in Wisconsin. He is spending his last weekend in a state that last went Republican in the 1984 Reagan landslide.

Team Romney is going hard after Pennsylvania because both internal and public polling show significant movement toward Romney in recent days.  Yesterday, Rep. Ryan and Sen. Marco Rubio drew large and enthusiastic crowds in Pennsylvania.  On Sunday, Romney will hold a campaign rally in the Philadelphia suburbs. Who would have thought that Obama would spend the last days of the campaign defending a solidly blue state, while Romney makes a play for another one?

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