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Mike Pence: ‘I Will Not Vote for This Deal.’

Rep. Mike Pence, an Indiana Republican and a man increasingly mentioned as a possible presidential candidate, appearing on Sean Hannity’s show moments ago:

“I’ve been fighting since last summer to extend all the tax rates . . . We needed to make sure that no American faced a tax increase January 1.”

“I’ve struggled to determine what is right here. I know the American people did not vote for more stimulus, more debt, more uncertainty in the economy. I will not vote for this deal. I believe this is a bad deal for taxpayers, it will do little to create jobs, and I can’t support it.”

He mentioned he spent the morning ringing a Salvation Army bell in Muncie, Indiana, and said he asked a constituent about what he thought of the tax deal. Pence said that the man responded, “At first I thought it sounded pretty good, but the more I hear about it, the more it sounds like same old, same old in Washington, D.C.”

“This is a hard call. This is a tough one . . . The best thing we can do for the unemployed, the best thing we can do for the American people is put permanence in the tax code, and create certainty to begin to invest and create jobs.”


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