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MIRS Michigan Poll: Romney Back on Top?

A fan of Mitt sends along the results of the subscription-only MIRS/Mitchell Research Poll, which puts Mitt Romney at 32 percent, Rick Santorum at 30 percent, Newt Gingrich at 9 percent, and Ron Paul at 7 percent. The pollster notes that 22 percent remain undecided and Santorum had led the last nine polls. The pollster notes, “The automated telephone survey of 420 likely Republican presidential primary voters had a margin of error of 4.7 percent.”

UPDATE: Full release here. “Reports show Romney is spending twice as much on media as Santorum and it would seem as though it is having an impact.  Romney has turned the race around and has gone back into the lead by 2%. Romney has made big inroads with conservatives that had gone to Santorum in the last poll.  Santorum’s lead among Tea Party voters has been cut from 15% to 5%, his lead with Evangelical Christians has been cut from 16% to 11%, and his huge lead among those that say they are ‘very conservative´ has been cut in half, from 31% to 15%.  The strong negative ads being run in Michigan defining Santorum as a big spender have had a huge impact. Romney’s message and resources have put him back into the lead,´ Steve Mitchell, president of Mitchell Research & Communications, Inc. said.


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