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Mitt? Huck? Nope, Don’t See the Resemblance

I want to hear how Mike Huckabee joked about being mistaken for Mitt Romney:

Former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee led a chapel service this morning at Palm Beach Atlantic University, softly delivering his message of Christian activism between one-liners about being mistaken for White House competitor Mitt Romney and his fondness for the band Led Zeppelin.

UPDATE: A reader shares the joke:

The story Huck tells (and he’s said this several times) is that he boarded a plane and was greeted by several people who shook his hand and stated they they voted for him. The passenger sitting beside him was puzzled until he put two and two together. “This guy used to be a Governor and people voted for him.”


The passenger declared, “I know who you are. You’re Mitt Romney.”


No, the two can’t be mistaken if you’ve really followed the campaign, but if you’re a bemused passenger grasping to figure out who the famous guy sitting by you is who you don’t know they are, it figures.


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