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Mitt Romney Needs More Rich People? So Does America!

The Great CPAC 2012 Attire Controversy continues to rage in the Thursday edition of the Morning Jolt, and the Obama administration finds itself arguing out of both sides of its collective mouth on whether Obamacare’s penalties for lacking insurance constitute a tax. But a couple of bits of news for Mitt Romney on the campaign trail . . .

‘Mitt Romney Is Running Out of Rich People.’ Hey, So Is America.

‘Is Romney Going to Run Out of Money?’ Is that even possible?

Mitt Romney is running out of rich people.

The former Massachusetts governor’s gold-plated fundraising machine has depended almost exclusively on big checks from the wealthy individuals — business leaders, Mormon allies, longtime Republican Establishment donors — whom Romney and his team have been cultivating for years, pressing the cases that resonate for those crowds: That he’ll cut taxes; that he’ll beat Barack Obama; that he’s inevitable and they’d better get on board.

But Romney has proved unable to tap into the emotion-driven small-dollar contributions that helped power Barack Obama in 2008, and which fueled even his more Establishment rival, Hillary Clinton, this time four years ago when she too began to run out of big donors. The result: Republican fundraisers say that despite his success so far, they think Romney is fast approaching a wall, and that he will likely be forced to pay for the campaign out of his own deep pockets.

Santorum fan Robert Stacy McCain is ecstatic: “Well, how ’bout that? Small donors like you — folks who have given Rick Santorum $25, $50 or $100 — are collectively more powerful than the GOP Establishment guys who have ponied up thousands each. And if you haven’t contributed yet, what are you waiting for?”

Wait, I thought Romney was . . . er . . . financially, too big to fail.

Hey, if Romney’s running out of rich people, imagine how motivated he’ll be to end Obama’s policies.

Romney Adds to His Collection of Gubernatorial Endorsements

It’s not all bad news for Romney these days: “Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder plans to endorse Mitt Romney’s presidential bid Thursday. Snyder will announce at an event in Farmington Hills, Mich., that he’s backing Romney, a Republican official told The Associated Press on Wednesday . . . Snyder, who like Romney is a former venture capitalist, was elected in 2010 after campaigning as an outsider with business experience. He plans to argue that Romney has a conservative fiscal record and a bold plan to cut spending.”

Maybe this will help Romney as much as the endorsement of Nikki Haley in South Carolina! Er, bad example . . .

Gubernatorial endorsements have to do some good. Otherwise, Romney will be in trouble, with the backing of Bob McDonnell in Virginia, Bill Haslam in Tennessee, Chris Christie in New Jersey, Gary Hebert in Utah, Dave Heineman in Nebraska, Butch Otter in Idaho . . .


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