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Mitt’s Joke Writers, Earning Their Pay

Mitt Romney brought the comedic speed-bag to the opening of his remarks at CPAC: “Saul Alinsky is out, Jeffrey Immelt is in . . . Obama went from ‘Change you can believe in’ to ‘Can you believe this change?’ What we’re watching is not Brave New World . . . it’s Groundhog Day.”

On Afghanistan, he noted that our foes may not have our technology and sophisticated drones, but “they do have calendars,” referring to Obama’s withdrawal timetable.

UPDATE: As noted in the comments, and discussed on Twitter, Romney’s speech made only glancing reference to Obamacare, obviously stemming from the increasingly ubiquitous contention that Romney’s health-care-reform legislation enacted in Massachusetts, with its own individual mandate to purchase health insurance, represented a blueprint for Obamacare. (The president and David Axelrod, among others, have cited Romney’s effort in defending their legislative monstrosity.)

Look, as long as Obamacare isn’t a big issue in the 2012 Republican presidential primary, Romney will be fine.


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