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A Moment I’m Glad I Voted for This Guy

We’re only about halfway through the year, but right now, Neda would seem to be the natural and deserving choice for Time magazine’s person of the 2009.

John McCain is recognizing her on the Senate floor. “A debate has been going on as to how much the United States of America, its president, the Congress, and the American people should speak out in favor and in support of these brave Iranians . . . and their quest for the fundamentals of freedom and democracy that we have enjoyed for more than a couple of centuries. So, Mr. President today I, and all America pays tribute to a brave young woman who was trying to exercise her fundamental human rights, and was killed on the streets of Tehran. All Americans are with her — our thoughts and our prayers for her.”

I wonder if Joe Klein will call these remarks “fabulously uninformed and dangerously bellicose.”


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