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‘A Monumentally Stupid Ad’ (UPDATED: Maybe not.)

You know that relentless McCain basher Ed Morrissey at Hot Air? Well, his take on the latest McCain ad — entitled “God’s Children” — is that it is “a monumentally stupid ad. It spends a full minute saying nothing about the issue it supposedly addresses, and it insults the intelligence of the people whom McCain is trying to woo. And I’m someone who has a little more sympathy for McCain’s efforts on immigration than most on the Right.”

I wanted to add something to Ed’s displeasure with the ad, but I can’t improve upon this:

I figure this is this sounds now like a deliberate provocation to the Right, who in fairness have never — never — discounted the contributions of Hispanic citizens and legal residents, especially not their long history of service to this nation. The issue is illegal immigration and border security, not whether we know that Americans of Hispanic descent have risked and given their lives for us.

Don’t worry, Ed. This morning the McCain campaign is holding a conference call with Senator Mel Martinez of Florida, and I’m sure he’ll smooth everything over with amnesty opponents who feel insulted.
Am I the only one who would prefer an ad pointing out that while Hillary flip-flopped on Eliot Spitzer’s plan to give driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, Barack Obama supports the idea?
UPDATE: A couple readers, some of Latino heritage, some not, say they like the ad a lot more than Ed and I do. They think it will work in the states it is running – Nevada, New Mexico, and Colorado. 

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