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More Coffee for the Vice President This Morning?

Today’s Jolt features plenty of Obama deficit-speech reaction and Rick Santorum kicking his presidential aspirations into a higher gear, but for now, the lighter topic, one that might make it tough to keep your eyes open this morning . . .

Obama Speech Inspires Biden to Pursue Deep Meditation

Falling asleep during an Obama speech is classic Joe Biden: he looks silly, unprofessional, mentally disengaged . . . and yet there’s something very honest about it (God knows how many presidential audiences over the years have fought off the urge) and there’s something endearing about his brief snooze. He is, indeed, our national crazy uncle.

Lori Ziganto: “I really can’t blame him. I mean, Obama’s shtick really is super tiresome. The Greatest Orator Of All Time ™ is actually full of snooze. ABC’s The Note gives Biden far too much credit, however — ‘Or at least deep in thought.’ Um, it’s BIDEN. Deep thought is not an option.”

The Lonely Conservative, too, can’t hold this against the Vice President too much: “I can’t say I blame Vice President Biden for nodding off during President Obama’s new economic plan speech today. It was really just more of the same, we’ve all heard it all before. Heck, Biden often repeats some of the same talking points. Had I been forced to sit through it I would have wanted to take a nap, too. And it looks like he’s not the only one who got a little bit sleepy . . . Hey, maybe he’s planning a career as an air traffic controller after the voters hand him his retirement papers in 2012.”

Nah, he’s a train man, not a plane man.

Sister Toldjah: “Methinks our ‘stimulus czar’ is suffering from a deficit in things needed to stimulate him to keep him awake during his bosses speeches.”

I guess vice presidents are like toddlers. No matter how much trouble they cause when they’re awake, they always look so peaceful and adorable when they’re sleeping.

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