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More Democrats Say They’ll Boycott Netanyahu Address to Congress

Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont, is joining other Democrats in boycotting Israeli prime minister Bibi Netanyahu’s address to Congress. He joins fellow Vermont senator Bernie Sanders, Representative Luis Gutierrez of Illinois, Representative John Lewis of Georgia, Representative Earl Blumenauer of Oregon, Representative G. K. Butterfield of North Carolina, Representative James Clyburn of South Carolina, Representative Raúl Grijalva of Arizona, and Vice President Joe Biden.

Separately, Representative Steve Cohen (D., Tenn.), said “blacks in his district were asking him not to attend because they saw the speech as disrespecting President Barack Obama.”

Note the backdrop of this speech: ISIS burns a Jordanian pilot alive, and the president declares that American Christians have to get off their “high horse”; the president declares an attack on a kosher deli in Paris to be “random,” and ISIS executes an American hostage. Now the Democrats and the White House are declaring that this is what they really deem intolerable and unacceptable.


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