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With More Than Half the Vote In, It’s Christie

Chris Christie leads with 56 percent over Steve Lonegan’s 41 percent, with 46 percent of the districts reporting. A couple of race-watchers are calling the race for Christie, even though it seems a bit early.

Republican turnout is expected to be about 320,000 to 325,000, with roughly average for the fast few contested GOP primaries. Turnout is projected to about 210,000 in the Democratic primary, which is apparently 50,000 fewer than the usual uncontested primary, but I wouldn’t read a ton into that.

State Assembly Minority Leader Alex DeCroce, speaking on New Jersey Network earlier tonight, “I really don’t consider Joe Biden star power. After tonight, they may not want him back again.”

UPDATE: With about 55 percent of districts reporting, Christie leads, 55 percent to 42 percent. It’s tough to see Lonegan finding the 27,000 or so votes to close the margin. is declaring Christie the winner.


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