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Mourdock Makes His Primary Bid Against Lugar Official

Indiana state treasurer Richard Mourdock makes his primary challenge to Sen. Dick Lugar official:

Dick Lugar used to be OUR US Senator. 

Now, according to MSNBC,  Lugar is “Barack Obama’s Favorite Republican.” 


Dick Lugar voted for Obama’s liberal supreme court nominees — Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan.

Senator Dick Lugar appeared in a 2008 Obama campaign commercial.

Lugar co-sponsored Obama’s DREAM Act that would provide amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Lugar recently expressed support for banning legal firearms in response to the shooting in Tucson.

Dick Lugar voted against earmark reform.

Dick Lugar helped ram the START Treaty through the lame duck session so that newly elected Republican senators couldn’t even consider it.

Simply put, Obama loves having Republican Senator Dick Lugar on his side. But we Republicans in Indiana need someone who will speak for us.   Not Barack Obama. 

That’s why, after much consideration, I’ve decided to challenge Dick Lugar in the Republican Primary for US Senate. After 35 years in Washington, Dick Lugar has forgotten what it means to be a Republican.  But we haven’t. 

You know, President Obama once said that Dick Lugar was among those “who have shaped my ideas and who will be surrounding me in the White House.” But, instead, it appears that Obama has shaped Lugar. 


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